Existing of this website


Because there was barely any information to be found on the internet about Orpingtons, in 2004, Jose Kramer decided to dedicate a website to them. At that moment the web extensions were ‘orpingtonkriel.nl’ and ‘orpington nl’. In 2009, a club was established by the name of ‘European Orpington Club’. Main goal of the club was to help each other.

Unfortunately it was too much work for only one person: translating to different languages, maintenance of the website, maintaining an international list of breeders, answering emails, telephone calls etc. In 2012 the goal was to make a social website, with functions like Facebook. You can still visit parts of this website via web.archive.com (click on the screenshot).

Because of the increasing popularity of Facebook and the amount of time it took to maintain the website, it was no longer necessary to maintain the club via the website. A new Facebook group was born and became a success.

Due to health issues Jose decided to let someone else manage the website and Facebook group. Unfortunately it wasn’t continued according to the body of thought of Jose and several people all over the globe asked Jose if she could bring back the “old” website with all its information. Because that wasn’t possible, Jose and a couple of users decided to bundle their strengths and rebuild the old website and started a new user group on Facebook.

Within ours it had more than 600 members and within two days it exceeded one thousand members. A new community was born!

Because maintaining a website is costly and a lot of work, we would greatly appreciate a donation to contribute to the costs of the website. You can donate via Paypal ( €5 ): [wpecpp name=”Donation Website Orpingtonclub.nl” price=”5″ align=”left”]

Would you like to contribute in another way, please contact one of the administrators of the Facebook group.

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