Existing of Orpington-Bantam

The Orpingtonbantam is created in Germany. In the beginning of the 20th century the German Herr Kühn started crossing englisch large orpingtons with pekins and java-bantams to create orpington-bantams

After that he used langshan-bantams to fortify the qualities of the Langshan

Like the large orpington, the orpingtonbantams can lay round 200 eggs of 40 grams a year. Orpingtonbantams could start laying when they are 5-6 months old, but depending on the seasons and the weather this could become 7-8 months

The hens do weight around 1000 grams and cockerels round 1200 grams.

The orpingtonbantam is having a nice small head with a small single comb, friendly black eyes, full feathering, a deep brest, short back and a nice tail. The orpingtonbantam is not only a good ayer, but also a very nice chicken to look at. The orpingtonbantam is easy to tame and very friendly. The orpingtonbantam is having a calm character, (mostly) does not fly and stays in the neighbourhood of the chickenhouse.

Considering their character and size they are easy to keep, also for people who don’t have a lot of land. Generally the cockerels are also quiet, but with the exceptions of some cockerels; some are noisy. When you are living in a city-neighourhood, it’s important to think about only keeping hens without a cockerel.