Breeding Gold-Blacklaced Orpingtons

Very often i get the question; ‘Do you know a good breeder for gold-blacklaced Orpingtons?’ Or ‘Do you know how i can set up an own bloodline’?

Well, it’s not very difficult to setup an own bloodline, but please remember that it takes TIME!! You have to be patient, because you have to wait untill the babies are grown and ready for laying and then you can start with the next fase.


What is important to know is the following:

  1. Almost every colour of Orpington are based on gold. So even black, blue, splash, lavender, etc. are based on gold.
  2. Gold ( and Silver ) are sex-linked colours
  3. Gold and Silver can be used together


Sex-linked: it means the following:

A Male ( = Father ) is giving 1 dosis ( of Gold or Silver ) to a son and also 1 dosis to a daughter.

A Female will only give 1 dosis of her gold ( or silver ) to a son.


Breeding GoldBlackLaced Male x Black Females:

The Black Females are (mostly) based on gold ( you don’t see it, because the black is hiding it, but you can see it by the glow of the feathers )

This F1-breeding will give the following result:

Sons and Daughters which are mostly black, but which will show a little bit of lacing or gold/ red in the feathers. They will not have lacing like Goldblacklaced, because they only have 1 dosis of Lacing, so they are missing dosis of a few genes ( Patterngene, Columbia-gene, Melanoticgene ).

The second breeding ( F2) is:

Father x daughters out of F1 ( select the best ones )

Out of this combi there will be a lot of goldblacklaced ones. Select the best for breeding.


Breeding Goldblacklaced by using Black Male x Silverlaced Female:

The black Male is based on gold and the silverlaced Female will only give a dosis of her silver to her sons, not to her daugters.

So out of this combi you will get the same result in daughers as in the first combi i described. The sons out of this combi you don’t need for breeding goldblacklaced.

Attention!! This will not work with Silverlaced Male x Black Daughters! That combi is good for making Silverlaced ones!